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‘HERE WE ARE’ – Frieze 179 – May 2016

Here We Are BY EN LIANG KHONG What does ‘Chinese’ mean as an artistic category in Britain today? In London recently, I sat through a public panel discussion between a mainland-born Chinese artist and a British curator, held for the benefit of those interested in investing in the Chinese art market. The curator repeatedly urged the artist … Continue reading

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KUNG FURY – Martial Arts Cinema Symposium, Birmingham City University – 1st April 2016

Kung Fury: Contemporary Debates in Martial Arts Cinema In the media-congested world of YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and other digital platforms, it is perhaps surprising that Kung Fury, a 30-minute martial arts action comedy short which pays tribute to the culture of the 1980s, could have raised $630,000 via Kickstarter, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, … Continue reading