Art Vapours is an occasional collaboration with JC Kristensen, concerned with the spaces of feminism, art and the everyday. We might liken our project to ‘archiverish archivery’. ‘Vapour’ in the singular connotes diffusion, suspension, something neither (or no longer) solid nor liquid – inhabiting the air. In the plural, it suggests illness, nervousness, faintness or depression, as in ‘a fit of the vapours’. ‘To vapour’ can also mean to boast, pompously or vacuously. In this last sense, Art Vapours may be taken – or given – as a retort of sorts. We invoke archaic, gendered and pathologised histories, at turns hysterical, neurasthenic and mediumistic, to reclaim states of agitation, and vanished acts; to mediate the diffused, to re-animate the suspended, and re-ignite ghostly trails.