Ways of Seeing 40th Anniversary

Journal of Visual Culture special issue

The Journal of Visual Culture marks the 40th anniversary of John Berger’s acclaimed television series and book publication, Ways of Seeing, with a special issue edited by Raiford Guins, Juliette Kristensen and susan pui san lok, launched during the 3-day Ways of Seeing John Berger conference organized by King’s College, University of London and the British Library.



  • Raiford Guins

Penguins are often reproduced with words around them


  • Ben Highmore

‘Then Turn the Page’: Berger by the Book

  • Griselda Pollock

Muscular Defences

  • Guy Julier

Economies of Seeing

  • Martin Jay

Ways of Seeing at Forty

  • Jennifer A. González

Calculated Oversight? Resisting Race in Ways of Seeing

  • Jill H. Casid


  • Mieke Bal


  • Clive Dilnot

Seven Characteristics of Ways of Seeing

  • Marita Sturken

Ways of Seeing, Practices of Looking

  • Geoffrey Batchen

Australian Ways of Seeing

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