De La Warr Pavilion

1 July to 16 September 2012

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Everything Flows – the Art of Getting in the Zone, De La Warr Pavilion, 30 June-16 September 2012. Installation shots courtesy of Nigel Green.

Roderick Buchanan

Cornford & Cross

Dryden Goodwin

susan pui san lok

Everything Flows was a project conceived and curated by Film and Video Umbrella. The title and overall theme refer to the heightened state of performance attained by an athlete or sports star, in which body and mind are operating in unison, at maximum impact and with optimum ‘flow’.

Everything Flows explored the distinguishing features of this elusive, temporary state, and the various biomedical perspectives that inform it, highlighted in 4 newly‐commissioned moving‐image artworks generated by 4 artist‐scientist partnerships. After a period of research and development in 2010 funded by the Wellcome Trust, and a further Large Arts Award from the Wellcome Trust’s Engaging Science grants programme, the project went into production in autumn 2011. The works were presented together in a major exhibition at De La Warr Pavilion in summer 2012, coinciding with the Olympic Games, and accompanied by a programme of collateral events in Bexhill, Brighton and London, illuminating the biomedical science behind the work.

The artist-scientist partnerships:

Roderick Buchanan and Dr David Shearer

Cornford & Cross and Dr Richard Ramsey

Dryden Goodwin and Elsa Bradley

susan pui san lok, Dr Tali Sharot and Professor Nicky Clayton

"Everything Flows"