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susan pui san lok, Golden (Notes), 2007, 180mm x 180mm, 96pp, full colour. Designed by CHK Design and printed by Martin Edwards in a limited edition of 1000 copies. ISBN 978-0-9551849-2-5

Golden (Notes) (2007) is an artist’s book that documents and extends the works developed under the rubric, Golden. Approaching the artist’s book as a curated space, documented works and events are interwoven with commissioned texts, intimating a relation to wider contexts of practice and research concerned with a critical aesthetics and poetics of memory, history, place, and translation. Golden (Notes) is envisaged as an experimental, reflexive, discursive space that reflects the project’s overarching concerns: to explore the movements and co-temporalities of languages, cultures, histories, and subjects in flux; subjects for whom aspirations to ‘settle’ and ‘return’ may not be contradictory, and ‘nostalgia’ may be understood in more complex terms than a ‘backward’ gaze. Contributors: Sonia Boyce, Mimi Lok, Joanne Morra, Irit Rogoff, Naomi Siderfin, Rob Stone, and Gilane Tawadros.


susan pui san lok, ‘Notes (Golden)‘, 2006
Gilane Tawadros, ‘Fragments‘, 2006 (Download PDF)
Mimi Lok, ‘Years‘, 2006 (PDF)
Rob Stone, ‘Just Give Me One More Thing…‘, 2006 (PDF)
Joanne Morra ann., susan pui san lok, ed., ‘Trialogue/Quintet’, 2006


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