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ANIMALS – CATS  TODAY 17.7.79 SIAMESE KITTEN declared an illegal immigrant when after being put in the wrong aircraft at Toronto, she arrived at Birmingham Airport.

BIRMINGHAM – HANDSWORTH  TODAY 13.7.81 RIOTS. CONT. g/v’s broken shop windows and interiors of looted shops. g/v’s policing in Handsworth streets. Interview with black youths who described the rumours of disturbance they had heard earlier that day, lootings and vandalism in the area and had praised the police force. g/v’s badly damaged police transit vans driving dowm street. Interview with social worker re rumours that the National Front would be marching through Handsworth CONT….

CHINA & THE CHINESE TODAY 11.2.81 FORTUNE COOKIES John Swallow report from Wolverhampton where a factory has opened which makes fortune cookies for the first time in this country. John talked to the managing director Patrick Fan and he sampled one of the cookies. g/v’s cookies being made

DISASTERS – FIRES – FIRE BRIGADE NEWS 20.9.80 UMBRELLAS Legislation is being introduced in Japan to have umbrellas licenced as dangerous weapons, John Swallow went to Dudley and asked ladies ther if they became dangerous when they had an umbrella. g/vs people with umbrellas in the rain g/vs Dudley firemen with hoses, supplying the rain

EVICTION TODAY 1.6.78 GYPSY FAMILY keep being moved from several camp sites in Herefordshire and doctors are concerned about the welfare of Mr & Mrs. Smith’s 3 year old son Timmy who has a serious bone disorder. Interview Mrs. Smith at their gypsy caravan site re Herefordshire County Council failing to set up a permanent gypsy site despite the fact they are required to do so by Law. Interview Sir Michael Higgs re the reasons why the council have no permanent gypsy sites, etc. Brief est shot County Hall, Hereford.

Belatedly following on from NEWS (2005), these are further selected entries from the ITV Central regional news index card catalogue, 1956 to 1985, at the Media Archive of Central England, University of Leicester. Spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation as they appear on the  cards (tape source references omitted).

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