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WAYS OF SEEING – Anniversary Issue Launch TODAY

Reception to celebrate the publication of Journal of Visual Culture’s Ways of Seeing 40th Anniversary Issue

Saturday 8 September, 4pm

King’s College, University of London

The launch coincides with the 3 day Ways of Seeing John Berger conference organized by King’s and the British Library.


  • Raiford Guins

Penguins are often reproduced with words around them


  • Ben Highmore

‘Then Turn the Page’: Berger by the Book

  • Griselda Pollock

Muscular Defences

  • Guy Julier

Economies of Seeing

  • Martin Jay

Ways of Seeing at Forty

  • Jennifer A. González

Calculated Oversight? Resisting Race in Ways of Seeing

  • Jill H. Casid


  • Mieke Bal


  • Clive Dilnot

Seven Characteristics of Ways of Seeing

  • Marita Sturken

Ways of Seeing, Practices of Looking

  • Geoffrey Batchen

Australian Ways of Seeing