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COLLABORATIONS – On Working with Berger

Wednesday 12 September, 7pm

London Review Bookshop

with John Christie, Mike Dibb, and Andy Merrifield, introduced by Gareth Evans

This September there will be a series of events around London to mark the 40th anniversary of John Berger’s controversial Booker prize-winning novel G. and his hugely influential collaborative art-historical television series Ways of Seeing. Central to Berger’s work across all media has been his six decade long commitment to collaboration as a genuinely equivalent and productive meeting of makers. Here, several of his key creative partners share their reflections on working with Berger, and why collaboration remains more relevant, both aesthetically and politically, than ever.

John Christie is an artist, film-maker and co-founder of East Anglian publishers Full Circle Editions. With John Berger he has made the acclaimed television series Another Way of Telling, and the books I Send You This Cadmium Red and Pages of the Wound, alongside other projects. Film-maker Mike Dibb directed Ways of Seeing and other film essays with John. Andy Merrifield’s new biography of Berger is published by Reaktion Books.


Complimentary copies of the current Journal of Visual Culture’s Ways of Seeing 40th Anniversary Issue will be available at this event.

Edited by Raiford Guins, Juliette Kristensen, and susan pui san lok, it includes contributions from: Mieke Bal, Geoffrey Batchen, Sonia Boyce, Alan Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Lisa Cartwright, Jill H. Casid, Laurie Beth Clark, Mike Dibb, Clive Dilnot, Jennifer A. González, Raiford Guins, Ben Highmore, Richard Hollis, Martin Jay, Guy Julier, Louis Kaplan, Juliette Kristensen, susan pui san lok, Peter Lunenfeld, Tara McPherson, Tom Overton, Griselda Pollock, Adrian Rifkin, Julian Stallabrass, Marita Sturken, John Timberlake, and Ming Wong.