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DOUBLE NEGATIVE Interview – RoCH Fans & Legends – Ends 3 July 2016

“Martial arts heroes, swordplay and fantasy: artist susan pui san lok speaks to Linda Pittwood about translating arguably Hong Kong’s most beloved epic into the gallery space…”

The Double Negative, June 2016



30 Years of CFCCA: susan pui san lok

RoCH Fans & Legends

Exhibition: 3 June – 3 July 2016

CFCCA, Market Buildings, Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1EU

susan pui san lok - RoCH Fans & Legends

susan pui san lok, Trilogies, 2015 (installation view)


RoCH Fans & Legends is commissioned by QUAD and CFCCA and in partnership with University of Salford and Animate Projects.