Five Women

susan pui san lok, Five Women (Ways of Seeing) / After Anya Bostock, Eva Figes, Jane Kenrick, Carola Moon, Barbara Niven (in no particular order), 2015. Digital resin print, 1500x255mm. Click to view animated version on Vimeo Continue reading

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Six Women / Art Vapours – Mnemoscape Magazine #2 – March 2015

Mnemoscape Magazine #2 JC Kristensen & susan pui san lok, Six Women / Art Vapours, 2015, visual/text essay (featured image)   In the Presence of Absence – editorial by Elisa Adami “The disappearance seems to be not only a vanishing but also a need to fill the gap with something different, perhaps the opposite of … Continue reading


ART VAPOURS @ THINKING WITH BERGER – Conference, Cardiff Metropolitan University – 4-5 Sept 2014

Art Vapours – Ways of Seeing, Hearing and Speaking Again by Juliette Kristensen and susan pui san lok     Image: susan pui san lok for Art Vapours, Five Women (Gestures) (19’30”), 2014, photoshopped screenshot   SUMMARY Engaging  with the Thinking with Berger conference themes of drawing and writing, theory and practice, this paper focuses … Continue reading