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Six Women / Art Vapours – Mnemoscape Magazine #2 – March 2015

Mnemoscape Magazine #2


JC Kristensen & susan pui san lok, Six Women / Art Vapours, 2015, visual/text essay (featured image)


In the Presence of Absence – editorial by Elisa Adami

“The disappearance seems to be not only a vanishing but also a need to fill the gap with something different, perhaps the opposite of what is gone”. Jean Genet We know, a photograph taken off the wall leaves a mark behind: a white square on a white background.

The Missing of Lebanon – by Dalia Khamissy

There are 17.000 estimated missing from the Lebanese civil war whose fate is still unknown.

Six Women – Art Vapours – by JCKristensen & susan pui san lok

On Saturday 29th January 1972, after the broadcast of Ways of Seeing (episode two), (Mrs) SJ Arden sits down to write a letter to Mr J Berger. From her terraced house in East London, bound (in parenthesis) to home and husband, she begins with an apology-as-demand, Both self-effacing and self-asserting…

Enemy Clouds – by Alessandra Ferrini

In 2002 Mexican artist Teresa Margolles installed Vaporización / Vaporization at MoMA P.S.1 in New York. Water that was employed to wash corpses after autopsies, taken from a morgue in Mexico City, is turned into a smelly mist by vaporization machines.

Life-Stills™ – by Yen Ooi

“Thank you for participating in the clinical trials for Life-Stills™.” Sia had not combed her hair since it was last washed a week ago and the nurse did her best to remain professional, only wrinkling her nose slightly as she signed Sia in. Sia shrugged. She was only there because her doctor had forced her to go. Really, she was happier at home, contemplating death.

Narcissus in the Colonies. Another journey through Ethiopia – by Vincenzo Latronico and Armin Linke

It could be wrong to set out on a journey searching for something (the story of my family around the railway), but in our intention, this was a way to avoid wandering in idleness, collecting panoramas: in any case, I left looking for something, and I did not find it…
This article begins by way of a mimetic gesture: I choose to withdraw the object that I am speaking of and to therefore copy, in reverse, the very gesture that I want to address. This article has its genesis in an archive of performance where there are things – scripts, notes, letters, plans, drawings – referring to events which I have come to theorise under the term ‘unhappened’…
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