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YISHU Article – Wuxia Makes Me Nervous – Henry Tsang – July/Aug 2016

Wuxia makes me nervous Yishu Volume 15, Number 4, July/August 2016 by Henry Tsang Henry Tsang’s reflection on susan pui san lok’s RoCH Fans and Legends project and wuxia as a transnational cultural phenomenon. Related Keywords Henry Tsang, susan pui san lok, RoCH Fans and Legends, identity, Hong Kong diaspora, Chineseness Image: susan pui san … Continue reading

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(In)Direct Speech: ‘Chineseness’ in Contemporary Art Discourse and Practice – 16-19 March 2015, University of Lisbon

International Symposium, Artistic Studies Research Centre, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon susan pui san lok will be presenting a paper, ‘SPSL – A to Y (Revisited)’, at the international symposium, ‘(In)direct speech: “Chineseness” in contemporary art discourse and practice – art markets, curatorial practices and creative processes’. The symposium is the first jointly … Continue reading