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“This special issue of the Journal of Visual Culture is a remarkable and much needed addition to the critical analysis and development of translation as a metaphor for creative acts and products. […] I can wholeheartedly recommend ‘Acts of Translation’ to anybody interested in the critical engagement with cultures, whether historical or contemporary, visual or linguistic. It deserves to become an essential reference in departments of visual culture, fine art, art history and, importantly, also translation studies.”

Katja Krebs, Translation Studies, May 2010

Acts of Translation was a special issue of Journal of Visual Culture, v.6, n.1, edited by Joanne Morra and Mieke Bal. The contributing authors were:

Gary Shapiro The Absent Image: Ekphrasis and the ‘Infinite Relation’ of Translation

Lawrence Venuti Adaptation, Translation, Critique

Nora M. Alter Translating the Essay in to Film and Installation

Sonja Neel M/Othering Europe: Or How Europe and Atlas are Balancing on the Prime Meridian, She Carrying the Alphabet, He Shouldering the Globe they are Walking on

Jillian St. Jacques Retrotranslations of Post-Transexuality, Notions of Regret

Joanne Morra Daughter’s Tongue: The Intimate Distance of Translation

Mieke Bal Translating Translation

susan pui san lok Translators’ Notes

Emily Apter Untranslatable? The ‘Reading’ versus the ‘Looking’