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The Weekend Strand is an 55 minute programme highlighting the best of what’s been broadcast on The Strand during the week.

Wide-ranging and with eclectic interests, it reflects the artistic response to the BBC’s news agenda.

Presented by Harriett Gilbert and friends, it features discussions, reviews, big-name interviews and location reports as well as live studio performances and Hollywood, Bollywood gossip.

The Weekend Strand 15/07/2012 is presented by Anna McNamee.

Episode image for 15/07/2012
John Gerrard, Exercise Djibouti, 2012 (installation shot), at Old Power Station Oxford. Photo credit: Stuart Whipps

Tanni Grey-Thompson

One of Britain’s most influential athletes on the poem that inspires her.

Asif Kapadia: Odyssey

Award-winning director of Senna with an eagle’s eye view of London’s turbulent journey towards the Olympics

Fast Girls

Damian Jones, the Iron Lady producer, on his new film, Fast Girls, and  how the cast were trained to look like elite athletes.


4 table tennis players versus the four members of a string quartet – the winner is music.

Speed Of Light

Endurance running up a big rock in Edinburgh produces musical starlight

Lightness of an Olympic hopeful

susan pui san lok on why pole vault is the sport that sums up optimism in her video installation of British Olympic hopeful, Kate Dennison

Cricket beloved of Wordsmiths

Earl Lovelace from Trinidad and Shehan Karunatilaka from Sri Lanka have both won prizes for novels which use the politics of bat and ball to explore the world’

John Gerrard and Janie Hampton

21st century military technologies underpin both art and sport in this London 2012 Cultural Olympiad offering – a far cry from the art which won medals in 1948, the last time Britain hosted the games.

Chris Holmes

Multiple gold medallist in swimming paralympics on why the poet John Dryden works for him.

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