IMAGE MOVEMENT STORY – Symposium, University of Roehampton – 14 June 2014

Image – Movement – Story

14 June 2014

University of Roehampton, Duchesne Building, Digby Stuart College, Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PU

Registration £25.00 / £15.00 students – Book here

Supported by  Journal of Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice Network, hosted by the Practice as Research Group (PaRG) in the Department of Media, Culture and Language at University of Roehampton, and organised by Jeremy Bubb and Paul Antick, Image – Movement – Story is a one-day symposium that examines the relationship between the production, distribution and consumption of still and moving image-based projects supported by institutions of Higher Education. The symposium is held in Duchesne Building at University of Roehampton and will consist of 20 panel-based presentations, several screenings and a roundtable discussion.

Keynote: Professor Erik Knudsen (University of Salford) Abundance and Media Practice Research
Panel 1: Trans-disciplinary Documentary Film
  • Alastair Cole (University of Edinburgh), An Eye on Language: a presentation of a trans-disciplinary documentary film based research project situated in linguistic anthropology
  • Richard Hanrahan (University of Edinburgh), Acting the Clown: Performance Art, Activism and the Body
  • Yasmin Fedda (University of Edinburgh), A Tale of Two Syrias
Panel 2: Topographies of War & Conflict
  • Ian Wiblin (University of South Wales & Royal College of Art) Still / Moving Memory: documentary forms and their quiet subversion in Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin’s The View from Our House
  • Helen Bendon (Middlesex University, Raising Stories – Museum narratives around the Dornier 17
  • Jeremy Bubb (University of Roehampton) & Sarah Kogan (artist), Parallel Perspectives: Mapping an Archive of The Great War
Panel 3: Disruption, Context, Representation
  • Inga Burrows (University of South Wales), Practice as Research in a Fictional Landscape
  • Jenn Feray (University of Portsmouth), Turning up the Heat in Swaziland: Tackling ‘techno-aversion’ in female television production students
  • Greg Bevan (University of Aberystwyth), Nothing But Shadows – Collage Documentary and the Residue of Family Trauma
Panel 4:
  • Dr susan pui san lok (Middlesex University), Faster, Higher
  • Reece Auguiste (University of Colorado), The Archives Structuring Presence in Practice Based Documentary Media
  • Paul Antick (University of Roehampton), Smith at Batang Kali: Letter B to Cohen
Panel 5:
  • Reuben Knutsen (University of Aberystwyth), Re-enacting re-enactment: Gathering utopian images of the past, present and future from a 1970s Welsh landscape
  • Andrea Mariani (University of Udine), Notes on the Italian Cinema Sperimentale.The International Scientific and Travel Documentary Film Exhibition and the Shaping of a Film Culture in Italy (1936–1939)
  • Dr Julia Peck (University of Roehampton), James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey publications and the absent stop motion photographs
Panel 6:
  • Dr Dafydd Sills-Jones (University of Aberystwyth), Seitsemantoista: Documentary Film and Cultural Encounter
  • Professor Nick Higgins (University of the West of Scotland), Assembling Scottish Identity: The Northern Lights Documentary Project
  • Fotis Begklis (University of Westminster), Exploring the potentials of using online interactive video in ethnographic films
  • Enrica Colusso (University of Roehampton), Ghost Town
Roundtable Discussion: The Act of Killing (DocWest, University of Westminster)


Registration £25.00 / £15.00 students – book here