TRINH T MINH-HA – Symposium, ICA London – 3 Dec 2017

Trinh T Minh-ha: Symposium 3 Dec 2017 ICA London, Cinema 1 2pm – 5.30pm “It is necessary for me always to keep in mind that one cannot really theorize about film, but only with film. This is how the field can remain open.” – Trinh T Minh-ha, Framer Framed  As part of the ICA retrospective … Continue reading

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KUNG FURY – Martial Arts Cinema Symposium, Birmingham City University – 1st April 2016

Kung Fury: Contemporary Debates in Martial Arts Cinema In the media-congested world of YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and other digital platforms, it is perhaps surprising that Kung Fury, a 30-minute martial arts action comedy short which pays tribute to the culture of the 1980s, could have raised $630,000 via Kickstarter, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, … Continue reading

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FINAL MONTH – 1st Asia Biennial / 5th Guangzhou Triennial – Photo Tour

Universes in Universe Photo Tour 11 December 2015 – 10 April 2016 Guangdong Museum of Art Yanyu Road 38, Er-sha Island, Guangzhou, China Departing from the theme Asia Time, the curatorial team invited 47 artists and artists groups to participate in the first edition of the Asia Biennial / fifth edition of the Guangzhou Triennial. In a world … Continue reading

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1st Asia Biennial / 5th Guangzhou Triennial – Opens 11 Dec 2015

11 December 2015–10 April 2016 Opening: 11 December “Asia Time” symposium: 12 December Guangdong Museum of Art Yanyu Road 38 Er-sha Island Guangzhou China Instagram / Facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share Departing from the theme Asia Time, the curatorial team invited 47 artists and artists groups to participate in the first edition … Continue reading

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(In)Direct Speech: ‘Chineseness’ in Contemporary Art Discourse and Practice – 16-19 March 2015, University of Lisbon

International Symposium, Artistic Studies Research Centre, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon susan pui san lok will be presenting a paper, ‘SPSL – A to Y (Revisited)’, at the international symposium, ‘(In)direct speech: “Chineseness” in contemporary art discourse and practice – art markets, curatorial practices and creative processes’. The symposium is the first jointly … Continue reading


IMAGE MOVEMENT STORY – Symposium, University of Roehampton – 14 June 2014

Image – Movement – Story 14 June 2014 University of Roehampton, Duchesne Building, Digby Stuart College, Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PU Registration £25.00 / £15.00 students – Book here Supported by  Journal of Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice Network, hosted by the Practice as Research Group (PaRG) in the Department of Media, Culture and Language … Continue reading



Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Art Schools So Different, So Appealing? Image (c) Middlesex University Archive Saturday 29 March 2014, 10am – 5.30pm ICA, Cinema I, London, SW1Y 5AH Map£5-£12 Book tickets Situating current art schools within the context of an historical legacy of self-organised, experimental and alternative education models, this symposium aims … Continue reading

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LIQUIDITY – Symposium, 14 June 2013

10am-6pm, Friday 14 June 2013 Middlesex University, Hendon, Grove Building G229 BOOKING FREE This one-day practice research symposium sets out to explore the many articulations, explorations and manifestations of ‘liquidity’ in contemporary visual and material culture, history and theory. The event offers a unique opportunity for practitioners, researchers and scholars working across different fields to … Continue reading