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FLOW – Asia-Art-Activism – 4-6 October 2018

FLOW is a 3 day series of events, performances, talks, and screenings, initiated by Erika Tan in association with Researchers-in-Residence Bettina Fung & Ada Hao, Founding Member Annie Jael Kwan and with the participation, input and support of the AAA network, Iniva, Live Art Development Agency and Alex and Rhian from Raven Row.

Asia-Art-Activism / Raven Row / London
56 Artillery Lane
E1 7LS
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Mediated Materials: Selected by Erika Tan, the programme will focus on extending ideas developed from two of her early works that take the idea of ‘journeys’ to China to think about distance, time, archives and mediation. Erika will be screening the works of Dinu Li, Chun-yu Liu, susan pui san lok alongside Journeys of Remembrance (2008) and Shot Through (2008) as a form of palimsestic production – forcing connections between works through their simultaneous projection.

Dinu Li, Nation Family Trailor, 2017, single-channel video, 2’ 03”
Dinu Li, Family Village, 2009, STD single-channel video, 6’ 21”
Chun-yu Liu, Sumatra, 2014, single-channel video, 8’ 04”
susan pui san lok, Trailers (RoCH), 2015, single-channel video, 4’
susan pui san lok, an(g)archivery, 2018, 2-channel video, 10’ 30”
Yeu-Lai Mo, Service, Kissing, Licking, 1997, STD video
Erika Tan, Shot Through, 2008, STD single-channel video, 16’ 35”
Erika Tan, Journeys of Remembrance, 2008, STD single-channel video, 16’ 08”

Southeast Asian Performance Archive: Selected by Annie Jael Kwan including works by Amy Lee Sanford, Lynn Lu, Leang Seckon, Sok Chanrado, Srey Bandaul, Svay Sareth, Tran Tuan, Boedi Widjaja, Le Brothers, Loo Zihan and more.

Selection by Sung Tieu – Tieu‘s selection of videos weave together personal influences that formed the work “Memory Dispute” with other moving image work that have similar approaches to research and the production of alternative socio-political narratives.